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Be inspired with flavors from LorAnn Oils.

With over 150 concentrated essential oils and Super-Strength Flavors, water-based Bakery Emulsions, and a full line of vanillas from around the globe, it’s easy to get creative in the kitchen with LorAnn’s oils and flavors.

Super-Strength flavors are 3-4 times stronger than typical extract flavorings and are available in an array of unique and tempting tastes like key lime, bourbon, eggnog, and pistachio.

Bakery Emulsions are water-based alternatives to extracts.   Use these instead of extracts for better results in all your homemade baked goods, frostings and fillings.  1 teaspoon Bakery Emulsion = 1 teaspoon extract.  The Red Velvet Emulsion has received rave reviews from bakers worldwide and the new Cinnamon Spice flavor is a must-try as well.

For more information, recipes or to order online, visit You can also call 800-862-8620.

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